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Why is this not being mentioned more? This has to be the most suitable Messenger for all the protestors right now. Private, untraceable, no central servers, blog, public(contact only) announcements, functions as a mesh network during internet outages.

If you know of anyone on the front lines right now, let them know, so they can spread the word.

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#BLM #protestors #privacy #activism #briar

@aerion You already know my opinion, but I thought I'd vote anyway ;)

@flugennock 'A macOS version remains "coming soon" for the time being.'

Then why does the official site offer an official link to the Mac version? 🤔

Yes! have my own Funkwhale pod now!
Goes nicely with my Mastodon, Diaspora* and Jitsi on one server :)

Dat ging wonderbaarlijk goed :)

Zelfs excuses gekregen.

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Nou... zo bellen met de SP voorzitter. Het zal mij benieuwen...

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capitalist famine = just a famine
socialist famine = proof that socialism doesn't work

capitalist success = due to capitalism
socialist success = due to capitalism

pandemic from capitalist country = just a pandemic
pandemic from socialist country = bioweapon

Eindelijk de definitieve mastodon server in de lucht \o/

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